Analog Review

Hot on the heels of Aliette’s Nebula win, we have a very positive review of the anthology in Analog!

Here’s just a taste of a thoughtful, thorough review that you shouldn’t miss:

This book nicely fills the void left by the demise of Roby James’s late, lamented Warrior, Wisewoman anthologies. If anything, it’s better.
Look at this lineup of authors: Alexandr Jablokov, Ken Liu, Jack McDevitt, Cat Rambo, Melissa Scott, Joan Slonczewski, Martha Wells . . . and nine other names perhaps less familiar. In all there are 460 pages packed with a great selection of cutting-edge SF stories, most of which wouldn’t be out of place in the pages ofAnalog.

It’s hard to select standout stories; they’re all of such good quality.

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