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Another smashing review

Another smashing review for the anthology as a whole! Manic Pixie Dream Worlds takes a very keen look at the anthology, its purpose, and its results, and is impressed:

…we have a batch of stories here that don’t just feature women as protagonists, often characters of color and those with LGBT identities, but in which the societies within create wholly new ways of living: sociologically, technologically, ecologically. The social structures and worlds that these authors wrote are so unique and inventive that I kept forgetting that I was reading a book with a mission, that I was promised female protagonists, and thinking: Ah, yes. This is what science fiction should be.

Welcome to the future.


Analog Review

Hot on the heels of Aliette’s Nebula win, we have a very positive review of the anthology in Analog!

Here’s just a taste of a thoughtful, thorough review that you shouldn’t miss:

This book nicely fills the void left by the demise of Roby James’s late, lamented Warrior, Wisewoman anthologies. If anything, it’s better.
Look at this lineup of authors: Alexandr Jablokov, Ken Liu, Jack McDevitt, Cat Rambo, Melissa Scott, Joan Slonczewski, Martha Wells . . . and nine other names perhaps less familiar. In all there are 460 pages packed with a great selection of cutting-edge SF stories, most of which wouldn’t be out of place in the pages ofAnalog.

It’s hard to select standout stories; they’re all of such good quality.

Nebula Best Novelette!


A resounding congratulations goes out to Aliette de Bodard, whose contribution to The Other Half of the Sky, “The Waiting Stars,” has just won the Nebula Award for Best Novelette!

Aliette’s intense, unforgettable story is also nominated for the Hugo and Locus awards.