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Locus Review(s)

In its January 2014 issue, Locus takes a brief look at The Other Half of the Sky alongside several other recent anthologies. 

Interestingly, the anthology appears not once, but twice: first in Gardner Dozois’s short fiction column, and then in Rich Horton’s reviews.

Dozois calls the book “one of the best SF anthologies of the year.” We think you’ll agree.

Pick up the January 2014 copy of Locus online or in print to read more!

Year’s Best SF 31

Year's Best SF 31 cover art

We already knew that The Other Half of the Sky was a stunning anthology, filled from cover to cover with some of the best stories out there, by some of the best authors working today.

It’s always nice to have that acknowledged by others, though, and we’re, in turn, stunned and honoured to have had an amazing three stories from the anthology chosen for Year’s Best SF 31. This is unheard of for any anthology, let alone a fierce, challenging work coming out from a very small press.

It may, in fact, be a record.

Congratulations to Aliette de Bodard (“The Waiting Stars”), Alexander Jablokov (“Bad Day on Boscobel”), and Melissa Scott (“Finders”) on their inclusion in this award-winning compilation series!

You can find the full table of contents for Year’s Best SF 31 here.

To celebrate this wonderful landmark, editor Athena Andreadis has written a special note that will be included in future printings and digital editions of the anthology.