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SF Site review

SF Site, the website of Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine, has a lovely article on “hunting Heffalumps” in sf/f, complete with a wonderfully in-depth review of The Other Half of the Sky!

The Other Half of the Sky, a new collection of women’s sf edited by Athena Andreadis, stands as a 443-page refutation of all Heffalump Hunters who have ever marched in self-referential circles while loudly lamenting the inexplicable failure of women to write “real” sf. …I can’t think of another anthology out this year that so utterly refutes Paul Kincaid’s assertion that our genre has succumbed to intellectual inertia.

SF Signal Review

A very strong anthology with a excellent mission, and some really striking stories with top-notch authors… The Other Half of the Sky is, in the end, an entertaining and strongly written set of stories by authors both new and familiar, writing in universes new and old, with characters that resonate with all readers. It’s hard to ask for more in an anthology.

-Paul Weimer, SF Signal

While some of the stories didn’t stand out to reviewer Paul Weimer as much as others, that’s no overall criticism of the anthology, which he thought “very strong” and also very much needed in the sf field…or, at least, the attention is needed. The stories have been there, as he notes:

“Does the anthology live up to its ideals and theme? Absolutely. The universes in these stories are populated with strong female characters with agency, hopes, fears and goals. It is only when you compare these stories to a significant chunk of the science fiction of the past and present that the contrast is clear. Many of the writers here have been writing strong female characters for years; having them all together here in one volume helps show off their dedication to this worthy and needed goal.”

Read the whole review. It’s worth it!