Interview with editor Athena Andreadis

Vicky Hooper follows up her thoughtful review of THE OTHER HALF OF THE SKY with a fantastic interview with editor Athena Andreadis. This is seriously worth a read, folks – if you’ve got any interest in gender in sf/f, ideas of the other, or women in genre fiction, do yourself a favour and check out the interview!

A few highlights:

In The Other Half of the Sky I particularly liked how not all the female characters were necessarily heroes or good people, or powerful in a traditional sense, but always felt like real people. Were you very conscious of trying to include a range of different kinds of characters?

I trusted the authors I invited to give me wide ranges in all dimensions without prompting. They certainly didn’t disappoint me. As they say, the way to get things done is to choose your partners with care, then let them do what they’re best at. An editor, like a lab head, needs to know not only what to say but also when and how to say it.

I love how the title The Other Half of the Sky can refer to both women and other underrepresented groups in science fiction. The characters and societies of these stories are very diverse. Was this a deliberate aim when putting the anthology together?

It was my desire and hope that we’d end up with all kinds of diversity without me forcing the issue. Yet again, my collaborators amply fulfilled my expectations. What pleased me the most was the fact that most of the stories depict non-Anglo worlds.

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